Dying2Live: Reclaim your true self

“One who saves a life, saves the whole world.”

When you buy one of my coaching packages or courses, you invest not only in yourself, but the whole world. 10% of profits go to projects that are improving people’s lives like working to free slaves or cleaning up our environment.

About the Course

Dying2Live is a 2 part online course that teaches 10 powerful tools for reclaiming your true self. Each part contains 5 modules, with audio recordings, transcripts, personal messages and worksheets to help you achieve maximum results, in the convenience of your own space, at your own pace. You’ll also get some great bonuses, like membership to my Facebook support group.

Tzippi gave me tools to accept my life and blossom from every experience (good and bad). I now list “all of the things I want to do” for the day before the “things I need to do.”Life is wonderful and I enjoy every moment. Couldn’t have done it without her course. She’s a real treasure.

– Ellen Berkman Amzalleg

Are you ready to be truly living?

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