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Life is short. Don't live with regret.

Hi there, I’m Tzippi Moss, mother, grandma, avid hiker, bookworm and incurable optimist. With over 30 years of experience as a life coach, I’ve seen miracles are not only possible, they are your birthright. Creating a change for life doesn’t have to be tough. You CAN design a life you love.

It’s as simple as ABC:



Learn to accept yourself and whatever is happening now. This allows freedom and healing into your life.


We’ll use your strengths (some of which may currently be hidden from you) to blast open your mind to what’s possible. Change your worn out story or negative beliefs, and everything changes in marvelous ways.


We’ll explore what you yearn for, in your heart of hearts – the stuff that makes your life worth living. Then we’ll design a practical plan to start living NOW, with more meaning and joy. No airy-fairy fluff – just a bunch of real tools for living a better life.

What’s my mission?

I use a wide variety of wisdom tools and techniques to help people remember their power and truth, reconnect with their biggest, wisest self, and show them how to become inner alchemists.


What’s an inner alchemist?

Someone who transforms fears, doubts, and lack of clarity into power, freedom and vision.

We often feel scared, helpless or angry when in transition or pain. Yet it’s precisely these difficulties and challenges that are the doorway into opportunity, change and magic. Through adversity we grow- turning lead into gold. The treasure’s already right inside of you.


Why should someone come to me?

I’m not a match for all clients. But if you’re willing to work hard and open your heart and mind to possibility and wonder, I could be the perfect coach for you. Check out my course and personal coaching packages.

I offer Dying2Live, a 2 part downloadable online course for only $97 per part.

At a crossroads? Feel like the best part of your life may be behind you? Get your personal road map to living more fully now.