Want to Work One on One?

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Do any of these sound like you?

My life is pretty good, but I want more passion, purpose, love, joy, etc…

I have a dream but can’t move it forward.

I’m eager to live but sometimes worry the best might be behind me.

I’m so used to caring about what others think that I no longer know what I really want and need.

I need a serious life makeover NOW!


Maybe you’re fed up with those old repetitive stories of “you’re not good enough, smart enough, successful, worthy or lovable enough.”

Maybe you’re dealing with a painful loss of a job or loved one.

Maybe you’re facing a challenging relationship, health issue or financial concern.

Maybe you simply have a nagging sense of “is this all there is?”

And maybe now, you’ve finally had enough and want a real change.
A change for life.

Hiring a coach is a sign of strength!

It means you’re ready to take action, move through the pain or fear, and create life on your terms.

Here are some examples of people who did:

– The guy who told himself he’d never find a partner because he couldn’t name or share his feelings. Within a year he was happily married.

– The young woman who was paralyzed by anxiety, who learned to surf her stress, relax, and be more loving towards herself.

– The lawyer who struggled financially because she didn’t recognize the true worth of herself and her services. Once I helped her realize this, she significantly increased her income.

– The many others who after years of putting their dreams on indefinite hold, finally started that business, began writing that book, launched that vision or project.

“No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe.”

– Harry Gray

I Can Help!

For over thirty years I’ve been helping people create new and better personal stories enabling them to live with more joy and meaning.

I’ll help you find your unique strengths.

I’ll hold you accountable to your vision and goals.

I’ll guide you through pain to the potential and power hidden within it.

I’ll use cutting edge tools to help you transform your negative stories into positive ones.

I’ll call you on your excuses so you can leave them behind!

Explore My Coaching Options:

Basic Alchemy Coaching:

a 90 day program

1 in-depth discovery consultation, where we dive deep to hone in on your vision (up to 60 minutes)

9 coaching sessions (45 minutes each)

Email support for any questions or concerns that come up between sessions

Between-session assignments to help you rediscover your hidden gems

Advanced Alchemy Coaching:

Personally tailored programs, typically lasting from 6-12 months, giving you the time and intense support for creating shifts in multiple areas

Email support for any questions or concerns that come up between sessions

Between-session assignments to help you rediscover your hidden gems

Dying2Live: Reclaim Your True Self Downloadable 10 module course

Single Sessions:

(60 minutes each)

While I’ve found the best coaching includes ongoing accountability, practice, and support to maintain and solidify your vision and goals, if you prefer this option, we can use single sessions to target one specific issue, such as releasing a fear or identifying core values.

“One who saves a life, saves the whole world.”

When you buy one of my coaching packages or courses, you invest not only in yourself, but the whole world. 10% of profits go to projects that are improving people’s lives like working to free slaves or cleaning up our environment.

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