Success Stories

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One on One Coaching:

I always left the sessions feeling enriched and like I got to know myself better. She is professional but not stuffy, spiritual but not dogmatic. Give yourself a treat and go see Tzippi!

Rabbi Miriam C. Berkowitz, Executive Director Kashouvot

I was mulling down deep in the mud, feeling sorry for myself.

You helped me to face my fears, feel confident again and see myself in a new way.

Ellen Cornfeld, food coach

The practical and spiritual tools I gained were indispensable. I highly recommend Tzippi to anyone who has a dream waiting to be actualized in the universe.

Michal Schonbrun, Women’s Health Facilitaor

Wow! Wow! Wow! As someone who has been helping people for over 15 years – in multiple capacities -I often fall into playing that part so naturally that I’m sure it can sometimes be difficult to coach me. Yet this morning I had the opportunity to BE coached by Tzippi Moss, who did an amazing job in taking me on a journey of self awareness that will take me quite a while to land from!! ’nuff said!

Chaim Kompel, life coach

I had an issue around guilt deeply buried inside my soul, that had prevented me from serving at my fullest potential. Tzippi guided me through the process of releasing that guilt. Even coaches need a coach sometimes. When we are in the forest, we truly cannot see the trees ourselves. That day, Tzippi was my compass.

Nina DeVries, cancer coach

The way that you worked with me really felt like a work of art.

It has been a privilege to work with you.

Ruth Hirsch, focusing instructor

You turned my life inside out and upside down and helped me gain control of my money and my life.

Thank you for the bottom of my toes and heart.


I participated in the abundance workshop. My goal was to have ten participants in my next workshop. The result? 17 came- my most successful ever. I still use the tools Tzippi taught and see the great results to this day.

Hagit Lifshitz, facilitator of Nonviolent Communication


I am right in the middle of taking Tzippi’s “Dying2Live: Reclaim Your True Self” course online. It is better than 20 psychiatrists! I trust her completely.

Nancy Keller

Tzippi gave me tools to accept my life and blossom from every experience (good and bad). I now list “all of the things I want to do” for the day before the “things I need to do.”Life is wonderful and I enjoy every moment. Couldn’t have done it without her course. She’s a real treasure.

Ellen Berkman Amzalleg

The Paradigm module blew me away. There were such powerful messages running the show that I wasn’t even aware of until I did that module, like discovering to what extent I was a people pleaser. Now I’m not as concerned with other people’s reactions and I’m more focused on what’s right for me. It’s huge! There’s only now and forward.


I personally have a hard time reading/listening to airy-fairy self-help. I need things to be well-thought out. You give so many practical examples, steps and actions people can take to work on themselves.

Rochie Hurwitz

The course is really raising my awareness and showing me how to make that change that I so desperately want. The hardest part has been a particularly toxic relationship that I couldn’t sever.

Thanks to the Purge module, yesterday I cleaned the house, threw out a whole slew of things. This morning I got an email from this person saying”If you want a relationship with me, it will be on my terms alone.” I wrote back: “No thank you. I am grateful for the distance between us.”

It’s amazing how my house cleaning yesterday cleared space for this closure today.

Leora Leeder, chiropractor

It’s a spiritual yet very well structured down to earth course. You’re not trying to be a guru and have all the answers. That authenticity was very important to me. It’s a good teacher who can be so honest. Every module had something new to give.

Leona Samson

Tzippi is the most amazing teacher of EFT. She has a warm and accepting relationship with her students and can address in a constructive and creative way any obstacle that may arise. I have never had such a deep teacher.

Miri Lowenberg, tour guide

During the module on Play, I was dealing with an obstacle and I decided to play around with it. Boom – an insight and paradigm shift. In that instant everything changed. I knew I had the answer and all would be OK. In the next couple of hours, a rush of ideas and exhilaration.

D.M. physician